Personal and professional care

In the medical center, Dr. Andy Boiangiu, the patient receives personal guidance from the beginning of the procedure during the consultation stage, during the treatment and after the treatment ("maintenance and preservation").


Dr. Andy's clinic staff:
The team is run by Dr. Andy Boiangiu
Administrative staff, secretarial staff, assistants, hygienists, preservative doctors, rehabilitation doctors accompanied by a technician technician who manages a team of technicians, medical advice and personal guidance.

* The staff includes Hebrew and Russian speakers.


Dr. Andy Boiangiu is a medical center whose main focus is:

Dental implants, complete anesthetic dental care, sinus lifting, complex treatments and general dental treatments.

Dr. Andy Boiangiu Medical Center provides comprehensive solutions to complex dental problems such as dental implants, oral rehabilitation, dental treatments under full anesthesia, and more. As with any medical field, there are also complex problems in the dental field that require a high level of medical care. The quality of the treatment, the sense of security and the high chances of success, can only be achieved through the treatment of senior and experienced physicians.

A medical committee at the Dr. Andy Boiangiu Medical Center

Today, in almost all areas of medicine, in cases where the patient has a complex medical problem, the patient is referred to a medical committee (medical consulate) in order to reach the optimal treatment plan.

Dr. Andy Boiangiu - Medical Committee

Dr. Andy Boiangiu believes that the world of dentistry should also allow the patient to receive a medical opinion from the following cases:

1. Dental treatments under full anesthesia 2. Dental implants 3. Complex dental treatments

These dental treatments will determine a significant part of the quality of life for many years. So at the medical center, Dr. Andy Boiangiu take care of every patient who needs to go through a medical committee to build an ultimate treatment plan.

We work with a variety of insurance companies and health funds